Saturday, January 9, 2010

Unknown Model

I great picture right! I want that shirt

Unknown Model

I love this photo though sorry for the low quality

Mitch Hewer

The top is one of my favorite pictures

Jake Gyllenhaal

You can't say that these are really cute

Julius Beckers

Jordan Sels

Zach Ferry

Zac Efron

Yeah... I'm not really a Zac fan but I like these too pictures of him

Tom W.

Dimitri Vankerkoven

Clark Mallon

The first picture is really cute

Alex Loomans

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mitch Hewer

No question the hottest actor on the planet in my mind at least. Well know for playing a gay teen in the British television show Skins. In his personal life he is undefined and has dated guys in the past. When he was recently single he said he was looking to date either sex, though he is currently dating a girl. I KNOW! WHAT! I would date him in a second. If you haven’t seen Skins you have too.

Justin Gaston

I love this picture